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Can a Foreigner Buy Property in Bali?

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Source: Youtube. Kibarer explains how you as a foreigner can invest in a property in Indonesia.


“Can a foreigner buy freehold property in Indonesia?

The short answer is no. …

Indonesia like most Southeast Asian countries does not allow foreign Nationals to own Freehold property. But although you can’t have the title in your name. There are ways to get around it, that are completely safe and legal.  …

You might say: “But I want to own the property and I want to get it for my kids.” We all want properties like this, but these are usually on a 30-year mortgage. Where we work all through our lives. So we can pay for it and then give it to our kids. as inheritance has so Freehold property comes under this kind of category it’s best when it’s mortgaged or leverage because the price is much higher and if the investment is your primary objective the ROI on this kind of properties takes a little longer.

Let’s face it everybody wants to own something and there is another way that you can buy property in Indonesia as a foreigner. It has a different status than that of an Indonesian citizen. But it’ll still be in your name, perfectly legal, and very safe.

So let’s talk about leasehold

You can make the same Returns on a leasehold. As you can on Freehold at almost half the cost. So we’re looking at almost to leasehold properties for one free will property. Two for one so just choose a property from our website …”

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